Saturday, January 28, 2012

This was this one time...

Oh China...blogging used to be so fun and easy. But now...not so much. Thanks, Great Firewall! And also my own laziness! It also doesn't help much that I've been super busy, doing things such as "laying on my bed" and "watching pirated totally legal DVDs".

No but for reals y'all, I have been doing stuff. Here is some of it:

  • Melting in the unending heat and humidity of yet another East Asian summer
  • Turning 26 in Shanghai
  • Going to Vietnam
  • Taking the Foreign Service Officer Test (and passing! but not making it to the next stage)
  • Fambly and friend visits
  • Yet another T-give and Xmas outside of America
  • Backpacking in Yunnan
  • Chinese New Year
  • General ridiculousness
It's currently Chinese New Year which turns out to be WAY more fun than Actual New Year (seriously, a whole week off for celebrations? Get on this everybody else), and as my plan of Doing Absolutely Nothing is proving a little boring, and since I have been successfully browbeaten, I'm returning to blawgging. 

So here's the dillyo, y'all. I'ma work on fleshing out some stuff I've done recently in China, and posting some pics. Perhaps I'll even bring back the Foreign Lands Round-up. And certainly we'll go back to our regularly scheduled blah-gging. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Meantime, here's a parody of Wilson Phillips (were they ever topical, or was it just because of Bridesmaids?) from a sketch show in the early nineties called The Edge (take note of Jennifer Aniston pre-Friends).